Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How Look Scary With White Colored Contact Lenses?

There are many things to consider when buying white colored contacts online, here we cover a few good pointers that will make sure you are better informed before you make your purchase.
The first and most important consideration is whether wearing any contact lenses is right for you. Most people can wear colored contacts so long as they don't have any eye conditions. Your eyes must be healthy and if you are in any doubt then you should consider a different accessory.
Many people already wear contact lenses for eye correction and one of the biggest problems when it comes to buying lenses online is that you need a prescription. White colored lenses are now available in many prescription strengths so these people are no longer excluded from wearing these type of lenses.
The best advice is, do your research. You are placing these white colored contacts in your eyes so you need to take care. Ideally stick with an online store that sells only contact lenses as they will understand their product better than a store that sells everything including the kitchen sink. Also choose a site that has a selection of brands as they are more likely to give you impartial advice as they not beholden to one supplier. Look for other sites that sell the brand you are considering, if it is available on many sites it's most likely more established and will have the required quality assurance processes in place to make sure you're not disappointed with your purchase and that the lenses are manufactured safely and properly.
Check social networks for images and other people that have worn these white colored contacts. Not only will you get to see how they look and get costume ideas you can also ask how they got on with them, where they bought them and the chances are they may be able to point you in the right direction too. Check the social network pages of the sites you are considering buying from as customers will leave feedback, be wary of any that have no negative or no customer service queries though, comments can be deleted to mask the real service level.
Finally, make sure you leave enough time for your lenses to reach you if you order from overseas. As many of the sites are located around the world and offer free shipping don't expect them the next day, you need to plan in advance to get the best prices.
White colored contacts are great fun and can really give you a scary look this Halloween that will make you the talking point of any party and don't forget that many of the white colored contacts available can be worn more than once so you can bring your outfit to life again in a few months and relive the attention you receive with those really scary eyes!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make Up Tips For You To Follow

They do two tasks and they do it beautifully. One, they help us make our existing features that are good, like silky hair, pleasant skin and pretty eyes even better. Second, some undesirable features that we may have like dark spots and pimples can be hidden or eliminated thanks to makeup and its buddy cosmetics.
Make Up
Using make up and choosing the best cosmetic for your appearance is similar to choosing the right clothes to fit your wardrobe. What works for one person may not work for you, but on an average there are a few guidelines that apply to all make up and cosmetic users equivocally. These guidelines are guaranteed to give you head start when it comes to using make up and over time, you will be able to get better at it out of sheer practice.
A carpenter needs a set of carpentering tools to build beautiful sets of furniture. Likewise, you are making yourself or your friends beautiful and that means you will need tools that are necessary to get the job done. You won't see a carpenter making that amazing mirror decoration without the tools now would you? So, only with the right set of tools will you be able to get that ultimate beauty appeal you are going for, using make up.
Make Up Tools
There are whole sets of makeup tools that are available in the market. Still, it is easy enough to list the most essential items that you are going to need.
The everyday makeup set will consist of a concealer tool, the pencil to draw on eyebrows, mascara device and of course lip colour. The concealer, as the name would indicate is used to cover up undesirable features like dark circles or spots on the face. The mascara is going to make your eyes you look brighter by giving the eye borders a seductive dark colour. This also makes the eyes look bigger and bolder, a very desirable effect if one thinks about it.
When you use makeup, you are targeting an appearance that is fresh and that means you have to resort to using a moisturizing cream and use a touch feather brush to apply it. Also, it is recommended that you use fine light powder because no good can come out of using heavy powder and it is also dangerous to your skin.