Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Types of Swimsuit Fabrics

When summer comes, it is the best time to enjoy swimming freely. This season is favored by many females. They can wear their sexy swimsuits and stand on the beach to display their attractive figures. In order to buy a beautiful swimsuit, many females will spend much time selecting a suitable suit.

Nowadays, on the market, the swimsuit is usually made from Dupont Lycra, nylon or terylene. No matter what pattern or type the swimsuit is designed, it must be made from one of the three types of materials. The swimsuit made from them is tight-fitting and comfortable to wear, and each of them has different features.

1 Dupont Lycra

It is a synthetic elastic fiber that possesses the best elastic ability. Its elastic ability is so superior that it can be lengthened to 4 to 6 times its previous length. It can be blended with every type of fiber to make the fabric drooping and ant-wrinkle. Some Dupont Lycra contains the chlorine-resistant compositions, which make the swimsuit serve longer than other types of swimsuit.

2 Nylon

It is the common material made by blending nylon filament or short fiber with other types of fibers, so it has the advantages and features of every type of the blending fibers. Take mixed gabardine, for instance. It is made from 15% nylon and 85% viscose. It is sound and tough that is hardwearing. However, its elastic ability is bad, and it is easy to wrinkle. Its quality is not as good as Lycra, so it is cheaper. Now the common nylon products sold on the market are nylon6 and nylon66.

3 Terylene

It is the most common chemical fiber used in our daily lives. It performs very well to resist wrinkle, and it can withstand every type of chemical substance. Neither acidic compounds nor alkaline substances can ruin it easily. What's more, it won't be damaged by worms or mould.

However, it has bad moisture absorption; therefore, if people wear the clothes made from it, they will feel stuffy. What's more, it is apt to get electrostatic and stain with dust, but it is easy to dry after washing and it won't be out of shape easily.

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