Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Custom Embroidery Makes Clothing

It is hard to go anywhere today without seeing some type of custom, personalized or insignia clothing. Whether it is professional or college sports, university names, organizations, businesses, music groups or different events, spreading a name or message via clothing advertisements has been around for a long time.

There are numerous ways a jacket can be imprinted with a team name or a t-shirt with a rock band's symbol and this technology just continues to change and improve. There is one style of personalization that seems to project a different quality about it, namely custom embroidery.

Embroidery vs. Silkscreen

Even though silkscreen printing continues to be one of the least expensive ways to customize clothing, the results can be questionable at times and not all fabrics are suitable for this type of embellishment. While silkscreen printing on items such as t-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies is mostly acceptable, there are some who prefer a more distinctive embellishment on certain garments.

Although it does cost a little more, embroidered pieces are - hands down - much more stylish than simple offset screen-printed garments, with decreasing costs thanks to better technology. For this reason, it is usually possible to purchase some form of a custom brand garment that is embroidered as opposed to printed. There may only be one or two styles, but the option is usually available when a more fashionable look is desired than an ordinary t-shirt style.


There are many advantages to having an item embroidered as opposed to silk-screened. Following are some of those benefits.

    Versatile - Typically used on items such as button down and polo shirts, premium hoodies, purses and other higher quality items, this type of embellishment is neat, stately and durable. With advances in commercial, computerized embroidery machines and software, it is possible to get just about any kind of image or words sewn permanently onto fabric quickly and precisely.
    Professional - Generally, embroidery can offer more detail versus a silkscreen version and is a great way for companies to present an air of professionalism in an economical way.
    Permanent - Embroidered decorations are fairly permanent. They are applied using strong thread made of fiber such as rayon, cotton and polyester; screen printing will eventually peel or wear off as the garment is used and machine washed and dried.

Clothing customized with embroidery is a great option for any group wanting personalization without sacrificing quality and a proper business perception. For example, a fitness center that gives away t-shirts with their name and logo on them wants to portray a completely different image than a golf course, private school, or even a service-oriented business wanting to ensure that its staff always looks presentable. In these instances, a custom type of decoration is the best option whereas a screen-printed workout shirt is more of what would be expected at the gym.


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